Brisbane Pre-Purchase Building Inspections | FAQs | Building and Pest Inspector
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FAQs | Building and Pest Inspector


As your building and pest inspector, my attitude, position and responsibility is to advise you of all the potential issues that your chosen property may have.

We have listed reasons for arranging a building and pest inspection and what you should expect from your building inspector.


Why engage a building and pest inspector?

  • A building and pest inspection acts as a second opinion over your own from a professional stance which is always wise when investing your money.
  • Any issues not found that are significant, become warranted.
  • Any issues that are found, allow you to make an informed decision.


How much does a pre-purchase inspection cost?

  • A pre-purchase inspection cost can range from $440, depending on the type of property and the size of your home.

For the full list of prices, please refer to our prices page.

How a pre-purchase inspection can save you money?
When you buy your dream home certainly don’t want to be footing the bill on repairs that should have been taken into account before the sale. BPPI’s pre-purchase inspection cost include the checks for health risks, accident potential, unapproved/non-compliant building work, and structural failings. BPPI have discovered many problems to new and old homes over the years where the companies responsible for the homes were required to compensate the repairs free-of-charge.


What do I get for my money?

  • Once again all inspection companies have different systems, so we will talk about what we offer.
  • I perform a building inspection as well as a pest inspection in majority of my site visits.
  • I produce a written report encompassing the building and pest inspection based on all findings in relation to the inspected property.
  • I can also offer advice or answer questions in relation to the property being inspected to the person who engages my services as an inspector.
  • I am licenced and insured, so you are covered for any failure to find issues that should have been noted in the reports.


What if something arises immediately after the settlement, who is responsible?
  • The person who holds the licence and indemnity insurance.


What if the inspector says the home is no good and you still want to buy it?
  • An inspector can’t tell you if the home is good or no good for purchase.
  • The inspector can only report facts and make recommendations.


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