Brisbane Pre-Purchase Building Inspections | Why Choose Us
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Why Choose Us


The importance of a Pre Purchase Inspection

Over the 32 years as carpenter, builder and building inspector I have discovered many reasons why people should have a property investigated. I have summerised what I consider beneficial to the home buyer and investor.

5 reasons to choose a Brisbane Pre-Purchase Inspection with us

1. Over 30 years of quality experience
2. Desire to protect and educate our clients
3. Full detailed, 100% honest reports
4. We are an independent and autonomous opinion in building, pest and structural reporting
5. We cover all of Brisbane with pre-purchase inspection services!

Health Risks

– Although buildings are fixed structures they can change shape over time due to exernal variables. If your house contains Asbestos and is left un-managed for many years you could be exposing yourself to toxic levels.

– Lead based paint commonly seen in properties built before 1978 however exposure to this (for both adults and children) can cause headaches, high blood pressure, joint pain and many other adverse health issues.

– Infestation of both Vermin and Insects can make your future property uninhabitable. Such problems may not be visable at first glance, BPPI will guarentee to find any such habitation.

-BPPI has strict quality controls with regards to the Water in your desired property. By looking at the quality and age of piping I can recommend within my report if certain parts may need replacing.

Accident Potential

– Faulty Electrics within the home can cause death and or serious injury to yourself and visitors of your property. Brisbane Pre-Purchase Inspections take this very seriously and will notify you of any potential threat.

– Dilapidated Building Work may not be obvious on the outer surface of a property. With a lifetime wealth of experience in the industry I will report all building work deemed to have fallen below the BPPI quality check level, however large or small.

– It is a basic requirement that the Stairs in your house are safe and reliable for all users. Inconsistant steps and uneven edges can lead to tripping. BPPI looks at all aspects of the structure of stairs.

Unapproved/Non Compliant Building Work

– Many properties have unmanaged extensions carried out without permission. Guidelines and standards may not have been upheld when work of this type has been done. This can be used as a huge as a bargaining tool as a potential buyer if you are aware of such work. My report will also let you know of any work which may be incomplete.

Structural Failings

– Damp is a huge problem for buildings, it leaves an odour and is unhygienic. Mold will grow in places with a lot of moisture, such as around leaks in roofs, windows, or pipes, or where there has been flooding. It is highly likely the occupant of a damp home will suffer with some sort of respiratory problem as a direct result.

Call the BPPI team today to book your Brisbane Pre-Purchase Inspection on 0413 427 826