Brisbane Pre-Purchase Building Inspections | Building Inspector – Questions to Ask
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Building Inspector – Questions to Ask


With many specialised industries, there are factors you should consider when you are hiring a professional for a job you can’t do yourself. By asking a few simple questions to your building inspector you can have a clear understanding of what the job involves, the worker’s experience and most importantly ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

When you engage with a pre-purchase inspection company, here are some essential questions to ask the building inspector to make the job run as smoothly as possible and to cater to your own piece of mind.


What areas of the property does your inspection cover?

Before you arrange a pre-purchase inspection for your property, you first need to be clear of what the building inspection involves, what the report will include and discuss any particular concerns that you may have about the property with the building inspector. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you and the building inspector are on the same page and which areas you would like them to focus on saving time and money down the track.

BPPI are fully licenced in areas such as:

  • Licenced residential, industrial and commercial builders
  • Carpentry and joinery
  • Roof installation
  • Asbestos removal
  • Rainwater goods design and installation
  • Building design
  • Steel structure installation from carport to industrial factory installations
  • Termite barrier installation
  • Open licence for all types of concreting including high-rise
  • We also specialise in deck safety and compliance inspections for $220.00


What experience and qualifications do you have in residential home inspections?

No matter what industry, this is an essential question to ask when paying someone for specialised services. You want to ensure the building inspector has the correct the skills for the task at hand for example, some builders or engineers may not have enough experience in termite damage and other aspects of typical home inspections.

It is also a good opportunity to find out the building inspector’s insurance. At BPPI, David is fully licenced and insured so you are covered for any failure to find issues that should have been noted in the report.


How long will the building inspection take?

An average on-site inspection could take up to 1 -3 hours, however this depends on the age, region, size and overall maintenance of the property. This is an important question because you want to be sure that the building inspection will last for the standard amount of time, anything less may not be enough time to thoroughly inspect the property.


How much does a pre-purchase building inspection cost?

A pre-purchase building inspection cost can range from $330 depending on the size, age and type of property. It is important to consider the inspection as an investment as it could save you plenty of hidden costs and repairs in the long run or alter the price of the sale. BPPI have discovered many problems to homes over the years where the companies responsible for the properties were required to compensate the repairs free-of-charge.


Will I be able to attend the building inspection?

A pre-purchase property inspection is a valuable educational experience as you get to see the property through the eyes of an expert and the building inspector should welcome the idea, after all, it is your investment. If a building inspector refuses the request for you to attend, it could be quite concerning.

At BPPI, David feels as though your attendance is an added bonus as he has the opportunity to show and explain elements of the property and maintenance while working methodically through the process. It amazing the questions we get asked as a building inspection is performed, most commonly if certain walls can be removed. David can make an assessment and let you know the safest and most cost effective approach to renovations or repairs.


What is included in the building inspection report and how long will it take to receive?

Time can be a pressing matter when it comes selling property, however most building inspection reports we be issued within 24 hours of the inspection which means to get make arrangements without delay. At BPPI we include all areas of the inspection on the report including health risks, accident potential, unapproved or non-compliant building work and structural failings. If you are unsure, you could ask to see a sample building inspection report to determine whether or not you can understand the inspector’s reporting style. Our average report includes 50 photos of sections of the home explaining the condition of the property and methods of rectification if something is damaged or broken.


Ask the building inspector for advice and suggestions of how to handle the damages.

Every building inspector is different but they are experts with a wealth of knowledge in this field, so it can’t hurt have some questions to ask the inspector, particularly if you have any specific concerns that may appear on the report. While the report will include all necessary details, sometimes it’s useful to have a quick chat in layman’s terms and building inspections with BPPI may even include quotes where necessary.

Call the BPPI team today to book your Brisbane Pre-Purchase Inspection on 0413 427 826!