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Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane

Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane

BPPI offers inspections of all areas of your property including comprehensive pool safety inspections in Brisbane for residential or commercial swimming pools. When purchasing a new home you can easily avoid the stress of hidden damages or potential dangers to your family by arranging a pool safety inspection with our highly experienced team.

Why you need a pool safety inspection?

Since 2010, the Queensland Government has made it mandatory that all properties being sold or leased with a pool are obligated to have a pool safety certificate, while all residential pools are required to be on the Government’s pool safety register.

Alternatively, if the seller has not arranged their own certificate, the seller must issue the buyer with a ‘notice of no pool safety certificate’ form before entering into the contract of sale and before settlement.

This form advises the buyer that they have 90 days from settlement to obtain the certificate from a licensed pool safety inspector. This way, if the buyer needs to arrange repairs in order to meet compliance, they have the opportunity to negotiate the contract.

These Government regulations have been put in place to minimize pool drownings which is one of the leading causes of death of children under the age of 5 in Queensland.

Why choose BPPI for your pool safety inspection in Brisbane?

A pool safety inspection gives you peace of mind that your pool has been constructed and maintained to government standard and will not put the lives of your family and friends at risk.

Our experienced inspector can offer a professional and honest assessment of your pool’s safety standards. He can also assist you with keeping up to date with changing pool safety laws and avoid hefty fines that may be incurred by an unsafe pool.

A pool safety inspection by Brisbane Pre-Purchase Inspections assesses every aspect of your pool area from identifying any structural failings to pool fencing, regular maintenance and comprehensive advice to manage potential hazards. Your pool safety inspection will also be completed with a full written report covering the pool safety inspection findings.

When preparing your property for the market, by arranging a pool safety inspection with BPPI, you can also easily avoid the added time and stress of the selling or leasing process. With over 30 years of industry experience, David is fully licensed and can provide the required pool safety certificate.

Call the BPPI team today to book your pool safety inspection in Brisbane on 0413 427 826