Brisbane Pre-Purchase Building Inspections | Pest Inspections Brisbane
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Pest Inspections Brisbane

Pest Inspections Brisbane

BPPI offers comprehensive pest inspections in Brisbane for any type of property as part of the complete inspection services the experienced team have been providing for years.

In Queensland’s climate, an infestation of either vermin, insects or termites are common concerns which can cause thousands of dollars in damages, destabilise the structural integrity of your property, de-value resale prices and potentially cause harm to your family. When it comes time to purchase your dream home in Brisbane, a pest inspection with BPPI will guarantee you can buy with confidence, covering all concerns and questions you may have along the way.

Why choose BPPI for your pest inspection?

Brisbane Pre Purchase Inspection’s own qualified pest management technician, David will inspect your property for all pests, paying close attention to the signs of termite damage. We can help you identify and manage structurally weak areas of the property where a future infestation may occur, saving you from hidden damages and costs after you purchased the property.

A BPPI pest inspection is a quick and simple process for our highly experienced property inspector, most commonly taking about an hour to complete depending on the size, age and location of the property. This comprehensive inspection covers every aspect of the property including decks, roofing, and carports and under the house, along with any particular concerns you discuss with David beforehand.

With over 30 years of industry experience, David has a wealth of knowledge in property inspections and can provide a professional second opinion regarding the condition of your potential dream home or investment property. David always strives to ensure his client’s safety and will work with you to guarantee the property is safe to move into and not be a risk to family and friends down the track.

Your pest inspection with BPPI will include a full written report clearly detailing every section of the findings, along with photos to make it easy understand the condition of your property.

To find out more about BPPI pest inspections or to make a booking call us on 0413 427 826 today!