Brisbane Pre-Purchase Building Inspections | High Rise Apartment Inspection Brisbane
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High Rise Apartment Inspection Brisbane

Why do I need a High Rise Apartment Inspection in Brisbane?

For over 30 years, Brisbane Pre-Purchase Inspections have seen numerous unhappy buyers discover problems with their property after purchase. A pre-purchase building inspection means you’re able to detect any building faults and issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Our high rise apartment inspections in Brisbane will take the stress out of your next property purchase. With a boom of new apartment developments in inner-city Brisbane suburbs, the demand for apartments central to the CBD is at an all-time high. As an independent building inspector, we strive to deliver accurate and honest information to help make your purchase go as smoothly as possible. A pre-purchase building and pest inspection of your potential Brisbane city apartment can cost as little as $385 and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Come along with David to your pre-purchase high rise apartment inspection in Brisbane and learn through the eyes of a professional.

Potential issues

Both old and new inner-city apartments can be compromised with potential issues such a wood rot, cracks, leaks, mould, decay, broken pailings or tiling and structural failings. Being aware of potential property defects will give you a competitive advantage over the seller when making an offer and may put you in a stronger position to negotiate the sale price. Making sure that a Brisbane city apartment complies with Australian building codes and standards is crucial in order to guarantee the safety and longevity of your potential new home. A high rise apartment inspection in South Bank Brisbane will allow our team to identify any risks associated with faulty electrics, dodgy plumbing, dangerous stairs, and run-down building work. Our expert pre-purchase building inspections are the only way you can identify with certainty any asbestos risks or health risks associated with lead based paint, vermin and insects.

Included in the inspection

Following our highrise apartment inspection in Brisbane, BPPI will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing a summary of the findings. Any structural damage to an inner-city apartment will be included in our pre-purchase inspection report to put you in a position to adequately address potential safety issues. At BPPI, we will also seek to inform you of modifications that may have been made to the original structure of the apartment. Our pre-purchase inspections for Brisbane city apartments cover all areas of the apartment that you have concerns with, and even areas that you didn’t know could be potential risks.

Call the BPPI team today on 0413 427 826 to arrange a pre-purchase high rise apartment inspection in Brisbane